Toley Ranz and your Kids

Engaging kids at home or in school in a non-digital activity is a challenge; most of the time.

That's where Toley Ranz comes in, dear Parents. Toley Ranz teaches kids to listen, to listen to their heart and 'gut-feeling'. 

Hello and Welcome to the 

Toley Ranz 10-Point Honor Code CHALLENGE

Here is the

Toley Ranz 10-Point Honor Code Challenge

Introduce it, read it, discuss it, play it, think about it, write it, search for the 'trigger words' in it. Go ahead and give it a try, your Kids will love it und you'll love the result!

Toley Ranz asks:

Psst-psst, what will You do?


1. Accepting others for whom they are shows Tolerance

Which will you do?

  • Help a classmate to understand

  • Become friends with someone who is in a wheel chair

  • Show kindness when someone was rude to you


2. Keeping a promise and being truthful are matters of honor.

Which one will you NOT do?

  • Come home on time after playing

  • Tell dad that you did your homework, but you did not.

  • Play kindly with your little brother


3. Being respectful means being kind and considerate

Can you do all of these?

  • Say thank you and please when appropriate?

  • Clean your room when mom asks you to do it?

  • Spend some time with your grandparents?

Toley Ranz 10-Point Honor Code

at Home, at School, at Play

For the complete
    Toley Ranz       Honor Code activity
please click here
and print

Toley Ranz and Aiden at a Kids' Day in Sedona-Village, AZ

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