Toley Ranz™ says: psst-psst listen

The 10-Point Honor Code©

to Healthy Behavior and Productive Interaction

  1. Accepting others for who they are shows tolerance
  2. Keeping a promise and being truthful are matters of honor
  3. Being respectful is being kind and considerate
  4. Not using foul or degrading language is strength
  5. Being responsible for one’s own actions shows leadership qualities
  6. Not taking any drugs means being cool
  7. Giving the best at home and in school is awesome
  8. Listening to others means to really hear what they say
  9. Not hurting oneself or another is a given
  10. Being a role model is using positive attitudes
Hi, come on over to U-tube and watch the 10-Point Honor Code ! The Honor Code points ARE stop bullying tools for parents to build strong kids
Parents- this WILL help you and your Kids!
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