Anke Otto-Wolf, Sedona Soul Balance


Anke Otto-Wolf

creator of Toley Ranz

Award-winning Author/Founder

2016, 2017 & 2018

of Sedona Soul Balance





Anke's outdoor Office, Sedona AZ

Anke Buffalo Feather Otto-Wolf

is the 2016, 2017, 2018 Global Award-winning Author and founder of Sedona Soul Balance, a Veteran Educator, and creator of Toley Ranz, the whimsical character teaching Kids Tolerance and Self-Esteem. Her experience with at-risk children has shaped her approach to teaching. Anke was a Nominee for the President's Service Award for her engaging work at inner city schools for which former President Bill Clinton honored her; awards and more recognition also came from Marion Edelman, with the Children's Defense Fund.

Anke's sought after down-to-earth approach to guiding individuals through the maze of Life's upheavals, and manifesting Soul-Balance and Self-Value, is in great measure the foundation of the TOLEY RANZ message at home, in schools, and at play.

Toley Ranz's unique message and its communication tool of "Psst-psst" have proven to emerge as THE link to children opening up to Self-Trust and Self-Esteem.

Anke's approach to Children's emotional well-being and joy for learning is simple: "Reach a Child's Soul - Transform a Life."