TOLEY RANZ – the Mascot of Tolerance

Stop Bullying book
Toley Tanz teaches self-belief

“This is a comprehensive and thoughtful activity plan that all children will love. I was immediately taken aback, stunned by the high quality of the materials, especially the Toley Ranz doll. More importantly, my son was immediately taken by it as well. Toley has a friendly, smiling face and some crazy looking hair, which is super fun for kids, but I suspect it’ll be the included lesson plan that resonates more in the long run. All too often, material like this is too dense and off-putting for kids. This lesson book, however, is filled with colorful, relatable images and straightforward, effective writing. Let me put it this way: my son has actually asked me if we could ‘keep going’ in the workbook. How many books do you know that can have that effect on kids?”                           SWM (a father in NYS School System)