The Psst-psst of Toley Ranz

and The Purple Pencil     
a three book series by Anke Otto-Wolf
Click below and listen to the author reading book 1  "Meeting Toley Ranz" 
Meeting Toley Ranz book 1

Sammie loves the color and wants to keep the purple pencil; but in his mind he can hear his classmates making ugly fun of him in class. He is so sad that he does not even want to go to school anymore.

Then suddenly, in the bright light stands this funny looking little character and says, “Psst-psst, what’s up Sammie? Believe in yourself, keep the pencil and you will be fine!” and Toley Ranz disappears reminding Sammie to share the psst-psst with others.

Sammie keeps the purple pencil and knows that he can depend on Toley Ranz, because he listened to his own pss-psst!

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Sammie's Big Decision book 2

One day in school, Mario is very ugly and calls Sammie’s purple pencil a “sissy  color pencil”. Sammie is very upset and thinks about throwing the purple pencil away. Toley Ranz appears, “Is that what you really want?” Of course that’s not what he really wants, but how can he get Mario to stop making fun of him? Sammie asks his mom, and she said almost the same thing as Toley Ranz did.

“Do what you believe in.” But it’s difficult and Sammie does not sharpen his purple pencil anymore. He is waiting for Toley Ranz, but no sign of his new friend. Then, Mario was really ugly again. That’s enough now, thought Sammie and sharpened his purple pencil. Suddenly, he hears this tiny little “psst-psst”; “This is awesome, Sammie, you really have found your very own psst-psst,“ says Toley Ranz.

Sammie and his
Purple Pencil
A Goal for the Purple Pencil book 3

Little Sammie is a passionate soccer player, but that Sunday he misses the goal and the other team wins. Two of his classmates scream that “if the ball would be purple Sammie wouldn’t miss the goal"! Sammie is about to give up soccer.

"Psst-psst, remember to listen to your heart.”

It was not easy but Sammie invited the two boys to play soccer.

The following Sunday, Sammie's team wins, his two new friends cheer him on. Toley Ranz  appears; Tommy and Mario have found their own psst-psst.

And how many kids will they share the psst-psst with?

Sammie invites Tommy and Mario
to play soccer