The Psst-psst of Toley Ranz and The Purple Pencil

a three books i series by Anke Otto-Wolf

Meeting Toley Ranz

Sammie loves the color and wants to keep the purple pencil; but his classmates making ugly fun of him. He is so sad that he does not even want to go to school anymore. Toley Rranz appears “Psst-psst, what’s up Sammie? Believe in yourself, keep the pencil and you will be fine!” and this funny little character is gone again. Does Sammie keep his beautiful pencil?

is a comprehensive, educational entertainment tool. Social, educational and personal development skills are woven into the entire project’s material.
Give your Child an opportunity to boost self-esteem, enhance self-value and integrate self-assurance into daily life.

Let Toley Ranz, the soft beautiful talking plush toy, help your Kids to get ready, be filled with inner strength, and elf-belief in standing up to bullying!
School WILL start again!

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ABCs of Life by Anke Otto-Wolf click pdf image, download
Kindness Matters by Anke Otto-Wolf click pdf image, download

Toley Ranz Coloring Book

Enjoy - the colors are bright and happy!

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