Has Your Frustration reached its Limits as a Parent?

Are You at the End of Your Rope?

Feel like You have no Place to go to?

Is this You…?

You think You’ve tried everything, right? You feel like nothing works.

Have You tried THIS?

Be curious instead of furious!

without ‘flying off the handle’

TOLERANZ STOPS BULLYING Program Method includes:

  1. Implementation Manual – a Parent’s vital Assistant is emotionally charged Times
  2. Toley Ranz Stops Bullying – How YOUR Kids can achieve it
  3. Effective Parent Strategy – You’re the most important Person
  4. ‘You Come First Self-Care’, Personalized Session with Founder
  5. Activities Guide – Games, Videos, audio & digital Books for All
  6. Kids Korner – Toley Ranz talking plush toy, the trusted friend for YOUR Kids
  7. Instructional HOW TO Guide – Your Go-to and Total Support
  8. Bonuses 


‘STUCK at HOME’ Survival Kit for Parents’ – Self-Care

  1. Effective Parent Strategy – You’re the most important Person
  2. Be Curious instead of Furious – Become an Emotional Detective
  3. Soul-Care – The Art of Self-Care
  4. What are my Child’s needs RIGHT NOW – Learning to Recognize those reduces emotional outbursts, inappropriate responses, and will lead to Harmony
  5. Instructional KNOW HOW – Your Guide to emotional Success


‘BUILD YOUR OWN’ Every Day Tool Kit for Adults

  1. How to successfully transfer knowledge/skills to Children,  Consultation with Anke Otto-Wolf
  2. Introduction of Toley Ranz Program Strategies (awareness, benchmarks, guidelines, etc.)
  3. Process, Module Transfer (activity guide, step-by-step, practice guides, motivational activities)
  4. Purposeful, Curiosity-driven use of TOLEY RANZ, the plush toy
  5. Books, Games, coloring Pages, etc. is for Kids’ joyful and playful Learning environment


Kids Korner

  • TOLEY RANZ (11 inch talking plush doll) with vest, chip “You’re awesome”, “great job, etc.
  • “Sammie and the Psst-psst of Toley Ranz” 3-story Book
  • Coloring books – fun with Toley Ranz
  • Word Puzzles – You can do this!
  • Honor Code – 10 Points that guide you
  • Honor Code Reward Cards collection -your good deed collection
  • Certificates – are You a Toley Ranz Kid?