Thank You For Being Involved

Imagine Your Child living without fear - 

Imagine your Child loves going to school -

Imagine your Child happy and joyful -

Imagine we STOP BULLYING together. 

The suggested Giving Levels are:


Toley Ranz Friend              $25      TR Book1

Toley Ranz Supporter         $50      TR book 3-in-1, coloring Book

Toley Ranz Believer            $100    above, plus TR plush toy

Toley Ranz Advocate          $250    above, video course,Instruct. Manual

Toley Ranz PeaceMaker      $500+  above, plus Anke’s personal session/

                                                   Instructional Manual 



a complete Toley Ranz Method Package - DONATE             $195

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We can't do it alone.

We need you.

Every dollar counts!

100% of Proceeds benefit Foundation and Your Kids

"Reach a Child's Soul - Transform a Life"

Anke Otto-Wolf's profound words are mirrored in every promise the Foundation holds: 


  • To bring our Proven Project to Kids everywhere, and-

  • Take it to Schools Free of charge.

  • To enable children to boost their self-esteem, raise their self-worth and learn to stand-up to bullying

  • To boost inner strength and find the courage to feel good about themselves!

  • And- to give Parents and Teachers some help!