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Effective Parent Strategy, SELF-CARE

You Will Discover HOW

Being Curious Instead of Furious

Is THE Answer- Even If You Don’t Know Where To Begin

I am impressed and inspired by what you have to offer. Know that you touch more lives than you realize and that the effect is positive and profound. You are a Blessing…..”  MicHAEL Teal, Canada

 “You make it so easy to understand- never thought of that ‘I come first’ – it’s always kids and hubby first; thank you- it makes so much sense. I now feel calmer and they do too. So glad I found you.” Sarah S., Phoenix, AZ



“To the point activities guiding kids and parents, this is a long awaited, very helpful tool for home and in any school.” Tamara H., London UK

“Straightforward and to the point. Brilliant. Such an impressive angle, easy to implement. Great. Thank you.” Rhea S. Paulden, AZ

What I am about to share with you, 

takes both determination and time, and 

has worked for hundreds of Parents and Children, in the US and Europe.

So, with that said, let’s take a look what


Exactly You’re Getting: 

Right off the bat you’ll see what to do to begin your SELF-CARE.

These are the exact, proven methods

that are working for countless parents and grandparents right now.


Yes, this is different

From every other Approach to Children’s Emotional Well-Being


·       Through Parents’ SELF-CARE

·       Leading into the most powerful

·       Stop Bullying, boosting Self-Esteem and

·       Self-Belief Strategies

You have ever seen.


     How is this possible? 

Three Reasons:

1.  TOLEY RANZ Program, a dazzling approach to helping Parents and Children to reach their highest goals

2.  “The author has transferred her wisdom of how Parents can live their life to the fullest, to benefit Children’s inner strength and values;

       3.  This is a how to guide Parents and Children to live emotionally strong and healthy during challenging times.” 



It’s a simple read. At 60 plus pages, you can read it in one sitting.

e-book relax

Here are a few pointers of what you’re getting so you can RELAX-


  • More SELF-CARE amidst Covid-19 challenges to move forward fearlessly
  • Why this innovative approach to SELF-CARE moves the needle to your kids’ emotional well-being
  • What creating space for your Self without feeling guilty, creates answers
  • How to NOT shy away from being “curious” instead of being “furious”
  • Paying attention to success, repeat it, feel great about it- instead of ‘hiding’ it
  • How to gain a deeper insight of your parenting skills provides calming energy
  • Learn how eliminating anger and frustration stimulates productive activities


And here’s the best part:


This e-book includes my book “ABCs of Life” a compilation of
26 powerful self-growth action patterns...

This is a ton of valuable and potentially time saving information.

And it’s all the kind of emotional stuff you can apply immediately!



Give You Control of your Life BACK!


It’s foolproof!

You will eliminate fear and become the powerful, confident, creative,

effective Parent and Grandparent you’ve always wanted to be.

Be different!

You will stand out and your Kids think you’re awesome!

ABCs of Life

Be awesome- use SELF-CARE


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Here’s something

I really need you to take a look at –

Be different!


Especially during this utmost difficult COVID-19 time You and your Kids are going through.

Being different means- You will stand out and your Kids think you’re awesome. Not only will you gain profound insight to HOW using SELF-CARE shows you a path to stillness, you are also recognizing that this approach can be your greatest inner strength shield to help your Kids through these difficult times.

Just imagine if you could uncover:

How to get your kids to cooperate without sacrificing your relationships, respect, or health

How to master recognizing your kids’ needs and emotional state so you can rapidly react, calm them and increase your inner peace

How to learn parenting strategies defusing highly charged moments

How to create unforgettable moments for and with your kids

️How you can avoid explosions like ’flying off the handle’ or ‘reaching the limits’


Let’s admit that once in a while we do need a little help, right? OK- let’s introduce this help and aid that is  

  • a communication aid,
  • a ‘helper’ to do the hard work by
  • being the mediator,
  • the go-between
  • so, you and your kids can enjoy each other more

And this Help and Aid is TOLEY RANZ, the whimsical character promoting self-belief, self-confidence, self-value in Kids. 


Now, Kids Can Finally Discover How to Live Free of Fear as they Reclaim their Belief in Themselves and STAND UP TO BULLYING, and through YOUR SELF-CARE Everything changes.

                                        Find calm in the storm. It will boost your confidence.

Stop Bullying book

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TOLEY  RANZ  Kids Korner

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Here are the Kids Korner Bundle books ‘n toys that guide Your Kids to stand-up to bullying: 

·         Toley Ranz 11-inch talking plush doll (mediator, teaching aid, helper)

·         Toley Ranz Program Manual (short version), How Toley Ranz and its teaching can change your and your child’s life in an uncertain world

·         Toley Ranz 3-in-1 Story Book- Sammie is being bullied; Toley Ranz teaches self-belief to overcome it

·         Toley Ranz Coloring book- even the youngest kids connect with Toley Ranz


·         Toley Ranz Honor Code Poster- the 10-point guideline to the dos & don’ts of healthy & productive behavior

And for good measure, I throw in two bonuses:

·         Toley Ranz three stories as audio books

·         Toley Ranz songs “Kindness Matters” & “Listen” – For your Kids’ enjoyment when you’re on the road! 


This additional Kids Korner Bundle will give 

You and Your Kids calm and quietude during 

this hectic time. 



                                                         You see, together with the powerful SELF-CARE Strategies and

Not shying away from being CURIOUS instead of FURIOUS, you’ll learn how to tap into opportunities that are available through this program.


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During COVID-19



Imagine you Are –

️Deciding to care for self- amidst challenges

️Taking time for yourself is the most important approach to self-care

️Creating space for your Self without feeling guilty

️Gaining a deeper insight into your developed parenting skills, your implementation skills, enjoy the outcome

️Learning how to build on predictable situations, insert your implementation skills, feel confident about your future

It’s foolproof!


You will eliminate fear and become the powerful, confident, creative, effective parent you’ve always wanted to be

This is so much more than

Parents’ Self-Care & Kids’ Emotional Well-being

It is about comprehensive help for Parents helping their Kids; this complete Toley Ranz Program includes the SELF-CARE e-book AND the Kids’ Korner


Yes, all in one prime offer

Here’s more of what you get:

️ Kids find the calm way of mindfulness in sibling interaction

️ very young kids (preK-3) relate to the gentleness of Toley Ranz immediately

️ Parent-Child interactions become more harmonious

You will learn how to create less stress and gain more peace of mind for your daily interactions with you kids, and you will find stillness

Create a unique point of approach so your kids will know that “something is different this time”

Learn how to create a highly beneficial and workable method to rebuild your kids’ curiosity in learning, relieve emotional upheavals, and reinstall joy among siblings and harmony in family 

Explosions like ’flying off the handle’ or ‘reaching the limits’ are not conducive when you’re aiming for change- so, learn how to find calm in the storm. It will boost your confidence

Introduce an aid, and let that helper do the hard work by being the mediator, the go-between you and your kids

It’s foolproof! You will eliminate fear and become the powerful, confident, creative, effective parent you’ve always wanted to be

️ Allow yourself to learn important insights into your own actions illuminating your deepest fears and – needs       

️Find out how being ‘stuck at home’ can contribute to making this uncertain time in your lives, a home adventure while creating positive memories for your children

️Toley Ranz mediates calmness, kindness and supports inner strength helping to ward off bullying/abuse of any kind


“… my students responded with enthusiasm… the Psst-psst flooded the room, kids reacted by correcting each other’s speech or behavior … listening to the audio story while looking at the book’s drawings gave even the youngest an opportunity to get to know Toley Ranz.” Beatric G. Norfolk, Virginia


“The intrapersonal connection changed the perception of my Self… an amazing experience…A powerful, intuitive insight, and deep wisdom provide Life awareness never known before, and lead to discovering my purpose and removed my feeling of being stuck…”  Sanda D., Minnesota  


($650 value) COVID-19 Special


Additionally, to the e-Book and the Kids Korner, the program includes


Digital downloads

Toley Ranz Stops Bullying Program for Home and School

·        Effective Parent Strategy, e-book

·        Kids Korner (complete)

·         TOLEY RANZ Program Implementation Manual (Home & Classroom Edition) –a comprehensive guide to implementing the program at home or in class with detailed activities according to CASEL (Five Emotional Social Competencies of NYS)

·        Toley Ranz cut-out doll- can be used until the plush toy arrives

·        Toley Ranz 10-Point Honor Code, Implementation Guide & Activities-

·        Toley Ranz Honor Code Reward Cardscompilation of 10 collectables

·        Toley Ranz Certificate- “Awesome Toley Ranz Kids” for collecting 10 cards

·        Toley Ranz audio booksthe three Toley Ranz stories narrated by me (the author)

·        ‘Stuck at Home’ Activities book- family activities ideas for indoors

·        ‘Kindness Matters’ & ‘Listen’– two original Toley Ranz songs

·        ‘Toley Ranz talks Corona with Kids’ cartoon videoToley is wearing a mask!



Free access to

·        Weekly Toley Ranz Stops Bullying Podcast links to iHeart, Spreaker, etc.

·        Sedona Soul Balance videos, courses, webinars, books


When you start using my strategies, here’s what’s going to happen-

You feel confident, focused and relieved!

You’ll learn to tap into those feelings of calm immediately

stop worrying, and stop losing sleep! 

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A 100% Guarantee you’ll love this program, or I’ll return your money in full and let you keep all the material and plush toy anyway.

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I’ll refund you with no questions asked.


How’s that for fair?



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“… a children’s project with so much integrity- and with such a timely message in these insanely intolerant times….. [you] are definitely on the cutting edge of children’s educational entertainment…… Toley Ranz looks bright, energetic and, especially, INTELLIGENT!”  F.O., parent, Long Beach CA

“I urge you never to forget how valuable Toley Ranz is — how positive and long-lasting its impact will be!  In my opinion, Toley Ranz has application/generalization to all sorts of deficits in American culture — manners, racism, egocentrism and Toley Ranz’s format places it in a universal type of application. Just hang in there, for all those little kids’ sake and their parents!” Dr. Cat Colwell-Marshall, N. Carolina

“Kindness, self-esteem, and empathy is understood in any Country and any language; so also here in Germany, the first Toley Ranz school in Europe- our girls LOVE it! This program is a powerful tool.” Rachel W., parent, Bad Hindelang, Germany

“Our Granddaughter’s conversations with Toley Ranz are sweet and to the point of not giving in when negativity sets in; it is amazing to watch how fast our little girl accepted this new friend.” Deborah G. grandparent, Arizona

“Anke’s clever work teaches children to hear the ‘still small voice within’ that can guide them to greater understanding of themselves and others. Her character Toley Ranz (Tolerance) is a whimsical little teaching aid that helps put the child into communication with their own inner coach. This could be a lifelong benefit to their self-esteem, self-determination, and success in the world.”   Paul R. Scheele, Learning Strategies Corporation



Effective Parent Strategy SELF-CARE,

Assist Parents, Grandparents and Teachers

Raising Strong Kids in this Screwed up World



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