Toley Ranz Stops Bullying  -


it's an acclaimed and proven Project

in our Foundation's platform

against the epidemic proportions of bullying

... and it's 
FREE for Schools!

The suggested Giving Levels are:

Toley Ranz Friend              $25        TR Book1

Toley Ranz Supporter         $50        TR book 3 in 1,   coloring TR Book1

Toley Ranz Believer            $100      above, plus TR plush toy

Toley Ranz Advocate          $250      above, plus Anke’s video course with Instructional Manual

Toley Ranz PeaceMaker      $500 +   above, plus Anke’s personal session and Instructional Manual

Toley Ranz Trailblazer        $2500     School of YOUR choice plus the above


A Special Opportunity:

Dedicate your donation of $197 to your Child, and the Toley Ranz Classroom Project can be implemented immediately by YOUR child's Teacher!  

The classroom material (K-5) includes: implementation guidelines, posters,

Toley Ranz story & coloring books, Toley Ranz Plush Toy, audio books, age-appropriate activity suggestions, etc. 

Hi- this is
Toley Ranz!