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Did you know that
  • bullying and extreme teasing effects our youngest already in pre-K?
  • It’s a staggering 42%.


As a veteran educator, I was and I am, very aware of these statistics which is why I developed a Tolerance Awareness Program for children, to instill joyful learning, critical thinking, inspired discussions and help building self-esteem to prevent bullying.

Embracing kindness and mindfulness leads to
  • changes of mindset
  • overcoming fear
  • not giving in to negative influences
  • becoming an expert in standing up for oneself
  • learning that determination creates intuition and creativity.
Consistency of the Toley Ranz message over multiple years increases efficacy of the program, and nurtures youth into happy, healthy, compassionate, confident and productive young adults.
Toley Ranz is ‘the third party’, meaning that parents and teachers are not the ones making demands. Toley Ranz raises the bar for “peer learning and teaching”, allowing the wisdom gained through experience to take center stage in the peer teaching and learning experience.
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The PSST-PSST of Toley Ranz is THE Gateway to a Child's Soul 

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