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Effective Parent Strategy (e-book)

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The Guide to Parents Self-Care and Kids Emotional Wellbeing

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‘Raising Kids in a Screwed-up World’ begins with Parents’ SELF-CARE! Has Your Frustration reached its Limits? Are you about to fly off the handle? That’s why You need this e-book with the ‘ABCs of Life’! It shows you HOW to find your inner peace, take care of your own needs, and – guides you through the day so You can help your Kids during these challenging times.  Be CURIOUS  instead of FURIOUS because it leads you to wonderous relationships with your kids. Come TOLEY RANZ with us!

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Anke Otto-Wolf

Awar4d-winning Author & Soul Life Coach, Founder-Creator of Toley Ranz Stops Bullying

1 review for Effective Parent Strategy (e-book)

  1. toleyranz

    A brilliant strategy guide for parents. Anke is definitely an expert on this subject!

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