Tolerance awareness program for parents and children

Kids Korner Bundle




Kids Korner Bundle $75 ($165 value) complete with e-book

Effective Parent Strategy, SELF-CARE (e-book)

Toley Ranz, 11-inch talking plush doll (physical)

and theses Digital downloads …

Toley Ranz Program Manual (short version)

“Psst-psst, listen…” 3-in-1 Story Book

Coloring book for the Youngest

Self-esteem songs “Kindness Matters” & “Listen”

Honor Code Poster, a Toley Ranz guide



  1. toleyranz

    ‘This remarkable, thoughtful program will take the hearts of kids and parents in a storm! It did mine and my granddaughter’s. Finally an intelligent apprach to stop bullying, and boosting self-value- and that nt only for kids. Bob. G, Sedona AZ

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Kids Korner Bundle