Tolerance awareness program for parents and children


TOLEY RANZ Stop Bullying Method for Home & School

$197.00 $98.50


Toley Ranz, 11-inch talking plush doll (Physical product delivery)

and theses Digital downloads…

Stop Bullying Program Implementation Manual  for Home & Classroom

Psst-psst, Listen’ Three in one Story Book

Coloring book for the Youngest

“Kindness Matters” & “Listen” two Toley Ranz songs

10 Point Honor Code Poster

Effective Parent Strategy Self-Care (e-book)

Toley Ranz cut-out doll

10-Point Honor Code, Implementation Guide & Activities

Honor Code Reward Cards

Be a Toley Ranz Kids Certificate

Toley Ranz audio books- three stories narrated by the author

‘Stuck at Home’ Activities book

‘Kindness Matters’ a Toley Ranz Stops Bullying Podcast Guide filled with thoughtful Suggestions & Activities, and links to listening on iHeart, Spreaker, etc.

‘Cartoon Video Toley Ranz talks Corona with Kids’


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TOLEY RANZ Stop Bullying Method for Home & School