It’s all about:

  • Overcoming fear
  • Eliminating anxieties
  • Recognizing symptoms of bullying
  • Instilling self-belief

…and more!



       TOLEY RANZ Project is a socially and educationally significant tool that’s specially crafted to reach out to frustrated Parents, Grandparents, and Teachers.                                                                                              It’s a powerful tool designed to overcome emotional upheavals, while encouraging kids to stand up for themselves and ‘listen to their gut-feeling’.                                                                                                      The Project is especially created for preK-3 based on purposeful play, and the Five Social Emotional Competencies as defined by The Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL)


2. The Method

Research and user feedback have proven that when you systematically implement the Toley Ranz teachings (preK-3) over multiple years, the program becomes more and more effective.

The step by step methods are uniquely beneficial to children for 3 reasons:

      1. The distinctive format of the teaching

      2. The engaging activity material

      3. The highly effective CASEL guidelines

Toley Ranz represents ‘the third party’ raising the bar for “peer learning and teaching”, as well as slipping into the role of mediator (parents & kids), functioning as the carrier of the child’s emotional burden.

This methodical approach helps children live without fear and anxieties, which is a one-of-a-kind anti-bullying tactic you won’t find anywhere else. 


3. The Implementation

TOLEY RANZ exceptional results are based on a groundbreaking 4-Step Process:

Step I – Thoughtful Prep – introducing Kids to ‘reaching their soul’s power’!

In class, at home: Embracing the “Awaken Curiosity” approach and implementing its message “Psst-Psst, listen!”

This means listening in Stillness to inner Self, Soul, Mind, and Body discovering self-empowering, purpose, goal, and intention.

Step II – Introducing opening up feelings– instilling emotional, social skills / values to improve your Child’s daily life

This includes Talk about Mindfulness, Kindness, Respect, Caring -Using descriptive examples for conceptualization; easing into Self-Awareness.

Step III – Curiosity – Kids love to discover things, and it’s that natural curiosity which connects them with Toley Ranz, boosting their self-esteem, self-value and inner strength.

Official Day to introduce Toley Ranz, awakening curiosity in Kids so they absorb what, who, where and what Toley Ranz is all about

Step IV – How To – appealing to their better angels, Kids do respond to kindness, self-empowerment, and feel-good emotions very well. Resources include:

Honor Code of Conduct– a strong guideline for distinct activities, discussions, story writing, coloring; Toley Ranz as protagonist.

“The Purple Pencil” An innovative 3-in-1 story book initiates awareness, curiosity, explores how to express feelings, managing emotions.

TR Coloring Book – fun-filled activities for the youngest in the group.


Now is the time to take action!

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“This is a comprehensive and thoughtful activity plan that all children will love. I was immediately taken aback by the high quality of the materials, especially the Toley Ranz doll. More importantly, my son was immediately taken by it as well. Toley has a friendly, smiling face and some crazy looking hair, which is super fun for kids, but I suspect it’ll be the included lesson plan that resonates more in the long run." SWM