“… my students responded with enthusiasm… the Psst-psst flooded the room, kids reacted by correcting each other’s speech or behavior … listening to the audio story while looking at the book’s drawings gave even the youngest an opportunity to get to know Toley Ranz.”
Beatriz G., Kindergarten teacher
Norfolk VA
"... a children's project with so much integrity- and with such a timely message in these insanely intolerant times..... [you] are definitely on the cutting edge of children's educational entertainment...... Toley Ranz looks bright, energetic and, especially, INTELLIGENT!"
F.O., parent
Long Beach CA
“I urge you never to forget how valuable Toley Ranz is -- how positive and long-lasting its impact will be! In my opinion, Toley Ranz has application/generalization to all sorts of deficits in American culture -- manners, racism, egocentrism and Toley Ranz's format places it in a universal type of application. Just hang in there, for all those little kids' sake!”
Cathrin Olsen-Marshall, PhD
San Diego, CA
Anke's clever work teaches children to hear the 'still small voice within' that can guide them to greater understanding of themselves and others. Her character Toley Ranz (Tolerance) is a whimsical little teaching aid that helps put the child into communication with their own inner coach. This could be a lifelong benefit to their self-esteem, self-determination, and success in the world."
Paul R. Scheele, Co-founder, Learning Strategies Corporation
Chairman, Natural Brilliance Productions
I just want to say that Toley Ranz offers the most outstanding, wise, easy to understand and do tips. Good parents are the ones who seek advice. No one expects you to have all the answers--especially when it comes to being a parent! 🌞❤️ Anke has so much wisdom for parents, educators and other adult mentors to help kids prevent or stop bullying. She is working in the trenches advocating for our kids, and I appreciate the simple lessons, unique philosophy, and powerful action steps she shares! Patti Tatro Kindness is a key component in this challenging times.
LeslieBeth Wish
"ounder of “Institute for Positive Parenting”: Anke, thanks for continuing to offer such valuable insights [for] parents and other mentors who are working with kids during these strange times. "You are such a powerful force for change in kids' lives! Thanks for being here!"
Jerry Bures
Now more than ever do we need to support programs like this brilliant contribution to humanity by Anke Otto-Wolf! Please join me in supporting the work of her non-profit foundation.
Charles Betterton