TOLEY RANZ Foundation

Mission Statement

We believe that Kids are fundamentally good, talented and capable, and have individual, inherent dignity. Our Mission is to provide opportunities to boost children’s self-esteem, their self-belief, self-power and self-value that unlock their potential. We are committed to fostering their inner strength to counter and diffuse bullying, so they will rise above negative influences at school, at home, and at play in correlation to fostering calm learning environments.
We are seeking generous Donors who want to advance the education and emotional well-being of Children. And – we want to ask Celebrities to help our cause. Come TOLEY RANZ with us! DONATE here for a FREE Toley Ranz STOP  BULLYING Program in the classoom of your choice!

We are Committed to

  • Early Chidlhood Development, preK-4
  • Providing Teachers, Parents, Grandparents the assistance to implement the Program
  • Strengthen Children’s inner resolve enabling them to prevent being bullied
  • Help Kids to grow up, live fear-free, filled with Self-Esteem and Self-Value
  • We provide a stream of information
  • Innovative Fundraisers for FREE Implementation at schools and individual classrooms

weekly Podcast 

  • Toley Ranz Stops Bullying
  • Master Class Training for Parents Teachers, Grandparents
  • Live Webinars / Zoom
  • Videos, up-to-date information, news, research reports, etc.

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Meet The Team

Robert Greenrose
A forty-five year successful business career, Military Veteran, Mentor to high school kids after Katrina
Anke Otto-Wolf
Vice President
As the creator, and founder of Toley Ranz, she has been the driving force behind the “Stop Bullying
in progress

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Contact Robert Greenrose, President, 502-664-9933 Anke Otto-Wolf, VP, 928-254-1879