Toley Ra n z - the traveler says psst-psst, travel with me!
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Toley Ranz relaxing at Nicholas and Christopher's house (author's grandsons) in Pula, Sardegna-Italy
Toley Ranz visits the ancient Roman Ruins of Nora in Pula, Sardegna-Italy
Toley Ra n z at the Grand Canyon, Arizona USA

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at the


Toley Ranz LOVES the snow in Bad Hindelang, Bavaria- Germany, the home of Lily and Yasmin (author's granddaughters) - can you see 
Toley Ranz on the fence in the snow?? :)

A majestic Elk

I am soooo tiny!

Isn't this a breathtaking view?

Toley Ranz' hometown Sedona, Arizona USA, at Cathedral Rock and Bell Rock
Toley Ranz at PALATKI Heritage site, near Sedona Arizona

A designated World Heritage Site, the Palatki Ruins are a window into the culture of ancient Arizonans. Located near Sedona, the Palatki site is filled with cliff dwellings as well as pictographs and petroglyphs which were created by the Southern Sinagua people.

Click and explore PALATKI, its origin and the Native Americans who lived there so long ago.