"Reach a Child's Soul - Transform a Life"

Toley Ranz is a whimsical character representing the

  • most inner voice of every child

  • urging kids to listen to that inner voice of wrong and right

  • making kids aware of HOW to listen to her/his own gut-feeling

  • teaches HOW to become aware of SELF

  • HOW not to participate in violence and

  • HOW to boost self-esteem to fight off bullies, and accept responsibility for their own actions.

Toley Ranz

  • teaches positive solutions in story books

  • encourages the child to embrace love and respect for self through activities in class

  • is the ‘security blanket’ of today’s child by being always present

  • represents the inner voice, the instinct, the gut-feeling that can be learned to be used for positive interactions

  • kids can depend on Toley Ranz- who is always present, dependable and strong


Toley Ranz ​can be the go-between, the mediator between a child and a teacher, or a child and a parent. 

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Toley Ranz says-
PSST-PSST, listen to your gut-feeling
PSST-PSST, listen to your heart
PSST-PSST, listen and believe in yourself!
PSST-PSST, listen to stillness within
Toley Ranz's unique message comes to you  
  • books- "The Psst-psst of Toley Ranz"
  • activities- in class and home
  • school projects- donation by TRFoundation
  • Radio show and podcasts "Stop Bullying with Toley Ranz", pick your episode! 

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